The Castle Bystřice nad / Úhlavou, Klatovy, Czech Republic

5. december, 2018
Our studio was in 2016 given the trust of a private investor, the owner of the castle in Bystřice nad Úhlavou, in the district of Klatovy, the Czech Republic, to commence a project process for the overall renovation of the castle and its premises, including all buildings in the complex and tower.

The castle is currently in a state of complete reconstruction. The only part so far, that has been reconstructed in the castle, is the northern front facade and the roof of the castle.

The castle in Bystřice nad Úhlavou is a national cultural heritage, it represents several development historical stages of the castle reconstruction, the development from the medieval Don Jon Castle with today's preserved castle surrounding ditch. It is documenting the evolution of the main residential renaissance palace in the central North part to modern and improper modifications during the war later.

In our project, we are returning to the historical values of the castle. Our intention is to dismantle unsuitable modern interventions and remodelling of the castle and its adjacent buildings. We will strive to return a new life to this extraordinary splendid construction in the form of its current use, for temporary accommodation in several accommodation capacities.