Modulor, a studio with rich experiences

15. november, 2015
Text: Slovak magazine EXTERIER / INTERIER, Roman Nečas, Photo: Jozef Barinka, Modulor Studio Archive

The designs are close to the utilitarian shaping of mass with generous windowpane, the conformity of the building with the surrounding environment and the functional use of the ground plan. Every design is original. The Modulor architectural company has been associating architects and engineers since 1998. The main target of their projects are imaginative and non-standard solutions. When designing multifunctional buildings, family houses or flats, there is a meaningful shaping of the mass, which should not lack generous windowpane, compliance with the surrounding environment, and full functionality. This is closely related to logical and operationally effective floor layouts.

Their individual approach to each assignment or project attempts is to consider the specific requirements of investors, future users. This also applies to the design of residential buildings, in which they take into account that the community of people living in one place should have plenty of free space and personal privacy. In designs of family houses they consider a significant intersection of the interior with the exterior and the cozy garden for users´ wellbeing. In all projects, the primary and end line task is the most functional design of interiors. Buildings from the Studio Modulor are characterized by simple shapes that should somehow reveal their function and mission.