Design is their hobby

25. október, 2015
Text: Monika KRÁLOVÁ, Photo: Vladimír VAVREK

Effectiveness in the first place / In the spirit of minimalism

The young married couple had a very clear idea about the interior of their future housing. Nevertheless, it took a while to find a suitable "cover" for the dreamed interior. Changing the relatively comfortable blockhouse living for their own piece of space attracted them mainly for two reasons. Firstly, they wanted to enjoy more privacy and secondly enjoy the garden. The garden is essential advantage for family with small children.

From idea to reality

The growing family accelerated the decision to build. But only the search for the land itself took almost two years. They knew they wanted to avoid new coming construction sites, so they could not easily catch up on the ongoing construction with so much desired peace and quiet surroundings. They were mainly attracted by already built up parts of the city with a functioning infrastructure. They happen to be lucky. They have found the land in a quiet marginal area of the city, with a view to the nearby backs of the mountains, moreover with a stream flowing on the border, paradise.

Distinctive style

The young couple have been observing trends in housing for several years. Thanks to that, the concept of interior has made the contours clearer. From all over different styles they have mostly enjoyed the minimalism. In particular, they mainly appreciate the timelessness, purposiveness and purity of lines. For the outside look of the house, they searched in catalogues. Classic roofs did not reflect their feelings. In the end, however, an unusual project was discovered among them. Two opposite cubist masses, pent roofs and their favourite white colour were their love at first sight. Because the interior layout did not suit them completely, they asked for the change directly the architect of the project - Gabriela Fukatschová. Concerning the architecture, for both sides it was nice to know that they are broadcasting at the same wavelength. The resulting form of disposition came after many consultations, considering several variants. The distinctive requirement was also to incorporate the wall from the fair-face concrete to design.

White in the dominance

The white colour here dominates from the inside and beyond, which underlines the concept of the minimalism. Even a floor whose smooth and glossy finish has been achieved by an unusual choice of industrial epoxy scraper, has been turned to white. The mixture was cast directly on the site using a special technology.


Wall of fair-face concrete confuses many visitors who consider it unfinished. It creates the staircase wall anchored directly into the wall. The safety is taken care of by the artistic hand-crafted railing, designed by the owner. Railing elements of the bent laminated plywood give respect to Scandinavian Design School of the thirties of the last century. The night zone represents a moderately furnished bedroom. In addition, there is a second children's room, a wardrobe and a bathroom.